Secure Your Disaster Recovery Response

A New Era of Trust

Walacor’s data platform is designed to protect any data from all types of threats including cyberattacks, manipulation and errors. The platform guarantees secure data by including unique-key per item encryption, detectable immutability, and 100% data audit inside one product. Designed to behave like a database, Walacor goes further by providing an enhanced set of features that provide a secure wall around your data. By including best practices and innovative solutions, Walacor becomes the foundation of your applications and enables trusted data at the lowest level.

Today, businesses must navigate critical challenges that threaten the security and integrity of their most valuable resource, data! The current best practice is to wrap layers of protection (Encryption, Backup, Replication, Change Mgmt, etc.) around your core data. This approach adds complexity, cost, management, and surface area. Without significant attention and diligence, this will decrease the integrity and usability of the data.

As businesses navigate the critical challenges to embrace and leverage emerging technologies (Digital Assets, CyberSecurity, Web3, AI, etc.). Walacor empowers these endeavors by protecting the basis for all, the data!

Why Walacor is Different

The platform’s differentiators set it apart from other solutions on the market, addressing fundamental challenges and focus areas:

  • Advanced Encryption: Secure your core data with cutting-edge, quantum resistant techniques, providing an impenetrable “wall around your core data”
  • Effortless Replication: Boost resilience effortlessly by creating additional nodes, automatically replicating everything stored in the primary node
  • Comprehensive Change Logs: Simplify auditing with built-in capabilities to track every single change over time, eliminating reliance on third-party vendors and reducing internal burden
  • The “Vault”: Maximize data protection and minimize liability by storing critical assets in our vault, designed to work side-by-side with your CRM and serve as an auditable backup

Trusted across industries like MortgageTech, cybersecurity, and database security, Walacor offers a unified, single solution for enterprises to protect their data. The platform encrypts everything – data, schema, and files – using uniquely-derived keys. With potentially millions of pieces of information to sift through, would-be attackers face a daunting task to extract meaningful data, making Walacor an imposing deterrent.

Walacor is the unrivaled answer to today’s data threats, future-proofing your enterprise in the rapidly-evolving threat landscape. With Walacor you can secure your data with confidence and embrace the digital revolution with ease.