The Growing Threat of Ransomware

In today’s landscape, ransomware attacks’ frequency, sophistication, and effectiveness are skyrocketing. What was once a mere annoyance has transformed into a well-established ecosystem, with Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers employing multiple extortion tactics. Attacks can cost millions of dollars and take several months to fully recover.

Cyber consulting firms and security teams are actively seeking ways to mitigate the likelihood of their clients falling victim to cyberattacks. A typical tactic is to add more layers of software, authentication and hardware which tend to increase the cost, headcount, and attack vectors. Without a significant commitment, the actual outcome can be disastrous to your organization.

The Walacor Solution

Walacor provides cybersecurity professionals with a robust solution for protection of your most important asset, data. Acting as an internal self-defense weapon, Walacor guards against lockout, exfiltration, and wiping attempts, further ensuring the security and integrity of your data at every level.

One key advantage is Walacor’s immutable data storage, offering a 100% audit log for exhaustive change tracking. Built-in unique key per-record encryption increases the complexity, cost and time required for hackers to benefit. Walacor provides these capabilities while also simplifying the tech stack, minimizing vulnerabilities and decreasing costs.

With Walacor’s replication, databases can be decentralized across nodes, clouds, and on-premise locations, reducing the risk of system-wide data lockout and boosting availability and resilience. This safeguards against cyber threats, minimizes risks, and further enhances data security and integrity.

100% Data Audit

Accurate, trustworthy, and secure data is essential. Walacor tracks the provenance of every change made to all data. Companies can detect and correct errors, prevent fraud, and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.


Walacor’s immutable platform ensures that all data submitted can never be altered or deleted. This is essential for maintaining data integrity, preventing fraud and trusting the data being delivered.

Cyber-Safe Encryption

Walacor protects data by encrypting each request with a unique key that exceeds NIST Top Secret standards. This provides confidence knowing that your data will be safe and secure, now and into the future.

Additional Featured Use Cases