Data Vault

Increased Complexity

Enterprises face significant challenges when it comes to protecting their data. The explosive growth in the volume of data and the shift towards cloud hosting have led to a higher risk profile.  Simplifying system management while maintaining or increasing security,  transparency and integrity is a constant goal for leadership.

With evolving business requirements and increasing digitization adding layers of complexity to data technology, companies are endlessly searching for ways to eliminate confusion. As more layers are added to the technology stack, the integrity of the data suffers. The path to clarity starts with selecting the right software that manages data volume and security and implements seamlessly into current processes.

The Walacor Solution

Walacor is a Guaranteed Data Store that secures data in encrypted ‘Sealed Envelopes.’  Walacor combines the advantages of traditional databases and immutable data lineage, delivering a robust solution without compromise.

Unlike other databases, Walacor has an always on 100% audit trail of every submission, guaranteeing data integrity and transparency. Walacor uses NIST top secret encryption with a unique key for every submission. This ensures the highest level of data integrity.

Walacor behaves as an enterprise database, making it a seamless addition to software portfolios, whether for new projects, database replacement, or coexistence with existing databases. This is accomplished by our patent pending technology that is based on industry standards.


With Walacor’s immutable platform, companies can ensure all sensitive personal and financial information submitted cannot be altered or deleted, essential for maintaining data integrity and preventing fraud.

Easy Adoption

Integrating new technologies into existing systems can be time-consuming and resource-intensive – a tough ask for an industry that needs to process data quickly and accurately. Walacor seamlessly integrates into existing systems, letting companies streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service.


Dealing with complex data sets or having multiple parties involved in data processing can increase the risk of errors and fraud. With Walacor’s side-by-side feature, companies can reduce the risk of errors or fraud by quickly identifying changes and errors in different versions of the data.

Additional Featured Use Cases