AI Poisoning

Can You Trust the AI?

AI poisoning, or data poisoning, is a type of cyber attack targeting the underlying data used by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models. These attacks compromise the AI models’ integrity, performance, and decision-making processes by introducing maliciously modified or entirely fabricated data points into the training data set. The goal is to deliberately skew the model’s learning process, leading to inaccurate, biased, or undesired outcomes when the model is deployed in real-world applications. This can have serious implications, especially in critical systems like financial services, healthcare diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, and security systems, where trust and accuracy are necessary.

The challenge in defending against AI poisoning lies in machine learning algorithms’ complexity and often opaque nature, which can make detecting tampered data difficult. Attackers may employ subtle modifications that are hard to distinguish from legitimate data, enabling them to remain undetected while significantly influencing the model’s behavior.

The Walacor Solution

With Walacor, what you put in is what you get out. Our always-on, guaranteed audit log ensures a 100% audit trail of every submission. Walacor pairs this with unique key-per-item encryption, providing unmatched data integrity and transparency.

By using Walacor for your training data, you get repeatable, predictable results over time. As you make changes to the training, Walacor’s audit log lets you see what changed – including when and who made the changes – creating a controlled, evolving vault for repeatable results.

100% Data Audit

Accurate, trustworthy, and secure data is essential. By tracking every change made to your data, you can detect and correct errors, ensuring training data you can trust.

Data Stability

With Walacor, all data submitted can never be altered or deleted. This is essential for maintaining data integrity, preventing fraud, and trusting the data being delivered.

S3 Compatibility

Many companies currently store their AI training data sets and models in S3-compatible providers. Integricor from Walacor sits in front of S3 compatible storage as a turn-key augmentation to ensure integrity and provide data sovereignty.

Additional Featured Use Cases