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Our Technology

Walacor’s secure data platform represents the next generation of secure data and blockchain storage with a trust-first approach that revolutionizes enterprise data, and database management systems. Focused on safe data sharing, integrity, and high performance, the platform builds a “wall around your core data” at the record level. The WalacorDB Platform effectively creates a self-defense weapon against cyber-attacks and misuse, internally and externally. Built with blockchain technology, Walacor offers a turnkey solution that creates a secure data store, integrating best practices, and leading quantum resistance.

Unify your database, security, and blockchain innovation on a single platform with high performance and ease of adoption.

Leadership Team

Lara George
Co-Founder & President

Walter Hancock
Co-Founder & CTO & CEO

Rob Zitz
Solution Architect


Bruce McDermott

Chris Perretta

Randall Clouser

A More Secure Data Store

Discover how Walacor’s modern database API interface and private blockchain harnesses and supports data across diverse markets and applications.