Use Case:

The current mortgage environment is largely paper-driven, plagued with outdated processes, convoluted relationships between service providers, and insecure data exchanges. As AI/ML grows, the path to change needs to be simple, secure, and sharable, creating a safe repository to secure all data in a  way that provides inherent trust – and an audit trail. 

With Walacor’s trusted data management solution, companies can define a new standard for end-to-end mortgage transactions.

Walacor helps overcome several blockchain hurdles in the mortgage industry, enabling trusted data management and standardized smart contracts, with end-to-end internalized data audit reporting capabilities. Every document submitted to the platform – from initial underwriting to securitization – is treated a new, immutable, and audible record, providing transparent and trusted access to all data provenance. Interoperability is at the foundation of Walacor, with seamless integration with other databases, including legacy mainframes and applications. Walacor’s secure data storage solution can be trusted by both the company and their clients.

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