Use Case:
Secure Data

As business requirements have evolved over the past few decades, data technology has added new layers of complexity. Increased digitization, and the need for speedier processes, has resulted in reduced data integrity that costs enterprise companies millions per year. Walacor innovates the data store paradigm to remove the layers of confusion, and enhances data integrity with ease.

Walacor Corporation is a Pure Play in Superior Enterprise Data Security.

The Walacor PaaD simplifies enterprise data security by offering a Guaranteed Data Store platform that secures data elements in Quantum Safe ‘Sealed Envelopes” to ensure data is permanently protected as it moves within the enterprise-grade secure platform. 

The patent-pending, robust and innovative architecture of the Walacor database provides the best characteristics, behaviors and advantages of (i) a NOSQL database and (ii) an unchangeable record of data elements, in a single product without compromise. The product can be installed to run on premise, as well as in private, public and hybrid clouds.

The Walacor Platform, or WalacorDB, is a next-generation enterprise database management system (“DBMS”) data platform designed and deployed to protect corporate and customer data at the lowest level by guaranteeing “secure data” inside the database by means of record-level, unique-key encryption and Blockchain technology immutability.

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