Embracing Digital Transformation Ep 182: Zero Trust Data Assurance

In Episode #182 of “Embracing Digital Transformation,” host Darren Pulsford examines data integrity with special guest Walter Hancock, CTO of Walacor. The episode provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of technology and the challenges organizations face in maintaining the integrity of their data. Walter shares his wealth of experience in implementing technology solutions to […]

Ep. 1: Jody Westby – Founder and CEO of Global Cyber Risk

Listen to Episode Jody Westby is the founder and CEO of Global Cyber Risk (GCR). From the company’s website, “GCR is a technology and advisory services firm that provides first tier cybersecurity services to both large corporations and small and mid-sized businesses. Based in Washington, DC, GCR has earned industry respect for its expertise in […]