Ep. 1: Jody Westby – Founder and CEO of Global Cyber Risk

Jody Westby is the founder and CEO of Global Cyber Risk (GCR).

From the company’s website, “GCR is a technology and advisory services firm that provides first tier cybersecurity services to both large corporations and small and mid-sized businesses. Based in Washington, DC, GCR has earned industry respect for its expertise in internationally accepted best practices and standards for cybersecurity programs. GCR’s proprietary methodologies have been used in every industry sector and by some of the largest global corporations. GCR has modified its methodologies to also effectively assist small and mid-sized businesses in a cost-effective manner.”

Global Cyber Risk can be found at https://www.globalcyberrisk.com/

Jody can be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jody-westby-13489/

This podcast is sponsored by the blockchain DBMS company Walacor. Their core product, the Walacor Platform, is a database management software application that improves the security, auditability, and recoverability of existing databases. It has the potential to save companies millions of dollars in dealing with data breaches, and while the Walacor Platform is fully capable of replacing existing database installations, it’s also easy to add onto existing systems.

Walacor encrypts data at the individual record level so that any data breach only results in the breaching of an individual data point and legally defined data breaches cannot occur. Data protection and data integrity is still a big issue and a huge expense for large companies, and Walacor makes it incredibly simple for companies to integrate blockchain technology into existing DBMSs so they can benefit from blockchain tech without needing to hire new employees or teach any new skills.

Downloading their software is a turn-key solution where Walacor creates a private blockchain around existing databases, or creates a new database to protect each individual data point with its own level of encryption. Software developers and database administrators can easily onboard themselves through Amazon Marketplace with just a few clicks and get instant access to the benefits of the blockchain.

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