Use Case:

Ransomware frequency, sophistication, and effectiveness continue to increase. What was once a simple annoyance scheme has evolved into a mature ecosystem with Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers leveraging double or even triple-threat extortion tactics. Cyber consulting firms are looking for ways to mitigate the likelihood of their clients being hacked, reducing the costs of ransom due to recovery time and ultimately reducing their insurance stack premiums while increasing the number of providers available. 

Walacor’s built-in prevention of lockout/lockdown, exfiltration, and wiping provides a new internal self-defense weapon. Walacor’s forced replication enables CIOs and CISOs to be confident in the security and integrity of their data. 

Walacor’s cyber vault product takes would-be hackers head on through: 

  • Immutable file storage, causing an increased cost and time to hack data, which serves as a deterrent
  • Elimination of network sharing protocols
  • Multi Factor authentication (MFA) for administrative accounts in an easy API
  • Fingerprints on each piece of data, making separation of administrative roles less necessary within an organization
  • Creating multiple copies of backup data on premise or off by geographical diversification for each new instance

Additional Featured Use Cases