Our Product

The Next Generation of Secure Data

Walacor’s technology is concisely architected to be the most Secure Data Platform, without compromising high performance.

Our Company’s Platform, led with an enterprise & security focus, solves the Blockchain Trilemma in Web3 and stores data in a trusted and auditable way. It increases data protection and sharing inside and outside organizations with operational resiliency for all industries with ease of adoption.

Guaranteed Enterprise Data Security

The Walacor platform simplifies enterprise data security by offering a Guaranteed Data Store platform that secures data elements in Quantum Safe ‘Sealed Envelopes,” certifying that data is permanently protected as it moves within the enterprise-grade secure platform. The robust and innovative architecture provides the best characteristics, behaviors and advantages of a NOSQL database, and an unchangeable record of data elements, in a single product without compromise.

Continuous Auditing

Walacor helps clients remove data silos and increase operational efficiencies. When a regulator requests logs of any transaction, record, or contract, Walacor can instantly provide a complete history of the metadata associated with that request – no matter the length or complexity. Through this accelerated Safety and Soundness review and continuous auditing and tamper-proof logging capabilities, enterprises can save tens of millions in accounting and legal fees.

Ransomware Proof

Due to its record-level encryption, Walacor’s DBMS is ransom-resistant. Walacor’s powerful one key approach creates an incredibly powerful deterrent for bad actors seeking to exploit DBMS vulnerabilities. Walacor uses built-in blockchain for non-repudiation and immutability by default to ensure content has not been altered and can be verified and traced to the originating party. The implementation of backup and anti-ransom record verification improves recoverability in the event of a ransomware attack.

Easy Implementation

Walacor customers onboard themselves with one-click, Cloud-launched deployments, and access to online application program interface (“API”) documentation familiar to any software application developer and database administrator. Smaller client situations can have their first application running on day one and large enterprise clients can be in application development testing as soon as two weeks. Our clients initiate and retain full admin control of their own Cloud resource deployment and data.

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