Introducing Walacor Platform 2.0: Next-Level Data Protection and Enhanced User Experience

The Walacor team is extremely excited to unveil the latest update of our platform. This new release brings a range of enhancements and features that will further help our users gain full transparency of their data. Let’s dive into the new updates!

Replication: Safeguarding Your Data, Amplifying Resilience

One of the major milestones in Walacor Platform 2.0 is the introduction of the replication capability. With this new feature, you can effortlessly replicate a copy of your secure database to another node, providing an additional layer of protection in case of a ransomware attack. If data is compromised on the master node, this replication feature empowers you to restore your database swiftly with a near real-time backup of your critical data. To support this functionality, we’ve also included a convenient cluster management utility in the user interface, ensuring a seamless experience. Learn more.

Composer V2: Streamlined Installation and Enhanced Convenience

To further enhance your experience during the installation process, we’ve updated our bundled configuration product, Composer, to seamlessly integrate with the newest features of Walacor Platform 2.0. Composer V2 offers an automated installation process for replication, reducing complexity and saving valuable time. 

KMIP Support: Enhanced Key Management for Uncompromised Security

In our continuous pursuit of robust data protection, Walacor Platform 2.0 introduces support for KMIP (Key Management Interoperabiltiy Protocol). KMIP is a standardized communication protocol designed for efficient management of cryptographic keys and related objects across various cryptographic devices, including hardware security modules (HSMs) and encryption software. By integrating KMIP, we further enhance the security and management of cryptographic keys, bolstering the overall protection of your valuable data. Learn more.

Comprehensive Documentation: Empowering Users with Knowledge

As part of our commitment to transparency and accessibility, we are pleased to announce that full versions of our Admin and API documentation will be available for download via our website. Customers are now equipped with the information they need to maximize the potential of Walacor Platform 2.0 and fully enable the use of our newest features.

With the release of Walacor Platform Version 2.0, we invite you to explore these new features that will further strengthen your data protection strategy, as our team strives to continuously move forward on a secure and empowered future with our users and the community.

The latest version of Walacor is available on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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