Why Walacor?

Corporate, customer, and private data integrity is at constant risk – from external cyberattacks to internal misuse. It’s expensive and complex for companies to maintain the compounding layers of data protection to ward off these risks. While increased perimeter security seems like a natural solution, published ransomware and industry surveys reveal this is not the case. Customer trust is eroding, damaging a company’s reputation and bottom line.

But what if we told you there is a peerless solution to keep up with threats and keep enterprise data safe? Well, there is. And it’s called Walacor.

Born from Blockchain

Global corporate and customer data is invaluable to both enterprises and bad actors, which means it’s under constant attack. Cyber hacks threaten customer trust, shareholder value, corporate resilience and are expensive to ward off and fix. The average cost of a company data breach exceeds $4 million. Perimeter security is insufficient since these threats come from outside and within an organization. A 2022 annual Data Breach Investigations Report found that 20% of 5,146 breaches were of internal origin – a sobering reminder that most database administrators have unrestricted access and privileges in traditional databases.

Walacor is the next step in the secure data evolution necessary to support DBMS and Web3 goals. The Walacor Platform is a next-generation enterprise database management system designed and deployed to protect corporate and customer data at the lowest level. We guarantee secure data inside the database using record-level, unique-key encryption and Blockchain immutability. While WalacorDB was designed to behave like a database, it is much more. Our technology is uniquely positioned at the intersection of database management systems (DBMS) and Blockchain to provide a secure wall around your data. 

As we write this, the digital asset and cybersecurity market is moving to the next generation of business and needs to migrate to Blockchain for security, sharing, and governance. Walacor provides a future-state solution and solves critical challenges for software and service markets so they can make this transition now. We tackle the biggest problem in Web3 by delivering a Blockchain-based, simple, and easy-to-adopt Secure Data Platform.  

Why Walacor

There may be other solutions on the market, but Walacor’s differentiators, from the platform’s creation and design to key features, set it apart. The team involved in the initial architecture and inception of the product have extensive experience working on enormous data projects. That means we’re intimately familiar with the challenges enterprises face protecting their data and prioritized building usable solutions from day one for more straightforward implementation and onboarding.

Additionally, WalacorDB addresses key challenges and focus areas, such as:

  • Encryption. With most data security solutions, encryption is an add-on, but unique key encryption comes out of the box with our platform. We provide an enterprise-grade “wall around your core data” by securing individual record-level data with unique quantum-resistant techniques.


  • Replication. Suppose you need to add more resilience and move data to another location. In that case, our platform allows you to create another node and automatically replicate everything put into the primary node. That means no additional vendors or solutions are necessary to help replicate your data.


  • Change logs. For larger implementation projects, change logs can be critical. Typically, you need to audit every single thing that has changed over time so you can go back and identify any issues, changes, or potential breaches. This ability is built into WalacorDB from the beginning, eliminating the need for additional vendors or diverting your team’s attention away from mission-critical work. 


  • The “Vault.” When you have vital data, it’s critical that you get all the pieces right. For example, in a CRM, you must have details like income and financial information absolutely correct. Using our platform side-by-side with your CRM, you can take those critical pieces and either store them only in our vault or store them in the vault to act as an  audit back of the original CRM. Storing this information on our platform ensures your data is beyond reproach and significantly reduces your liability. 

With these features, WalacorDB is a true, secure data platform where you get out exactly what you put in. With legacy database systems, enterprises have wrapped layers around them – what we call “the onion approach” – to reach these levels of compliance and security. The downside to this approach is that the more layers, complexity, and people involved, the more you risk a system breakdown. With our platform, these features are built in – no onion layers needed. 

How Teams Use Walacor

Several industries and spaces leverage the Walacor platform to its best ability, giving it an opportunity to shine.


  •  FinTech. This industry relies heavily upon critical customer information to uphold its financial responsibility. Many companies constantly question the integrity and security of their data when operating at this level. Implementing Walacor lets FinTech companies protect their data with one product. And when an issue does arise, there’s no scrambling to figure out who to contact to solve the problem. Everything is in one place.


  • Cybersecurity. Everything that gets put onto the Walacor platform, whether it’s data, schema, or files, gets encrypted with its own unique derived key. That means it’s generated and present only when it needs to be used. The platform potentially has hundreds of millions of pieces of information to go after, which is an enormous deterrent since it takes so long to get any meaningful information. For example, if someone exfiltrates data from the platform, they may break one single piece in a brute-force attack, but they only end up with fragments of data that are useless on their own (and that took them weeks/months/years to get).


  • Digital asset backing. With the explosion of crypto, digital asset backing is a crucial space where Walacor can help. NFTs, for example, are stored on a blockchain, but the data behind them is not. Instead, it’s stored in a link somewhere online. That means if that data changes or becomes unavailable, the NFT is no longer complete. With our platform, that data can be put in a secure environment and will be there forever. NFTs are just one example; many companies need to worry about other types of digital assets moving forward.

The Tip of the Iceberg

As more customers implement the Walacor solution, they’re sharing new benefits and challenges that the platform solves, even beyond what we first imagined. That means our platform will continue to evolve beyond the features and use cases described here as we revolutionize enterprise data and database management systems with a trust-first approach. 

If you’d like to learn more about Walacor, schedule a time to chat today.

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