Persistent Data Integrity

Data is always under constant threat. Even with the most advanced network security measures, they can still fail against internal threats, hardware failures, and cyber attacks. When this happens, make sure you can ensure the integrity of your data with Walacor. We offer unparalleled data and file protection, bolstered by enhanced encryption and detectable immutability, ensuring data remains secure even in the face of adversity.

A Trust First Secure Data Platform

Discover unparalleled data security with Walacor’s Guaranteed Data Store. By combining industry best practices and emerging technologies into one product, organizations can confidently know their sensitive information remains impervious to evolving threats. Enjoy permanent data protection with unique capabilities, including:

100% Audit Capabilities

Ensure an accurate and trustworthy information flow, enabling security teams to detect and correct errors in real time while preventing fraudulent activity.

Complete Data Stability

Establish continuous protection of sensitive data through detectable persistence, equipped with the ability to detect data compromise and maintain data integrity.

Unique Key Encryption

Walacor creates separate keys for each stored item providing enhanced data security, ensuring uniqueness and encryption strength that exceeds the lifespan of the data.

Innovation in Data Protection

Walacor, led by seasoned founders with over 65 years of combined experience, redefines cybersecurity in the data-centric world. Recognizing the critical role of data in today’s market, particularly fueled by AI, Walacor addresses the escalating threats of AI poisoning and data model tampering.

Trusted by public, commercial, military, intelligence, and space sectors, Walacor’s secure data platform provides unmatched protection against ransomware, AI tampering, and accidental data manipulation. Positioned as the premier solution for AI and cybersecurity, Walacor represents the next evolution of secure data innovation.

The Most Secure Data Platform

Walacor increases data protection, reduces internal fraud, and enables frictionless sharing inside and outside organizations. It’s built to handle all data types for any industry on cloud, on-premise, or hybrid, creating trusted data with increased security and performance. Walacor’s platform can help you secure data growth while reducing costs and increasing trust, resiliency, and security.

Scalability & Speed

Scale the delivery of trusted data, whether in the Cloud, on-prem, & Hybrid.

Guaranteed Data Store

Patent-pending Trust-first technology.

Cutting Edge Simplicity

We look, feel, and taste like existing database technologies to ensure adoption.

Immutable State

A log you trust, not a log you question.

Fully Interoperable

Can be used as a new database or complement an existing one.

Trust & Security

Data is secured at the database core, lowering the impact of compromises.

Data Protection Ready to Implement

Built for all industries, Walacor’s technology is accessible to businesses of all sizes, making it an ideal solution for security and IT departments looking to improve their data security.

Ensure data integrity with unique, verifiable records for each transaction that has been created.

Permanently protect data as it moves within the platform via ‘Quantum Safe Sealed Envelopes.’

Prevent data breaches, protect critical data, and ensure compliance with strict security regulations.

Easily onboard the platform with one-click, Cloud-launched deployments and API documentation.


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What you put in is what you get out. Data integrity is now a given because of a 100% audit of all data and schema. The WalacorDB Platform can be used across industries.

Deploy, Test, and Run the Walacor Platform on Amazon Web Services with just a few clicks and minimal investment.

Unlock the potential of Walacor on Microsoft Azure—seamless deployment, testing, and low cost operation.

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